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Basic Information Edit

Shiziku is a world outside of the Felinetale universe, being the only outside world with enough power to rip into Felinetale. It is home to five known continents: Thalj, Lithi, Karoshi, Idia, and Rosel. Shiziku is home to the immigrants of Felinetale, and gave Felinetale many more languages, feline races, and ethnics. Although there are many vast differences in Shiziku, there are no known religions in the world, with an exception of cults.

Continent Statuses Edit

Thalj Edit

Population: 1.2 Billion

Country Count: 19

Unemployed Rate: 8%

Main Languages: Arabic, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Mandarin

Lithi Edit

Population: 436 Million

Country Count: 8

Unemployed Rate: 3%

Main Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic

Rosel Edit

Population: 46 Million

Country Count: 7

Unemployed Rate: 13%

Main Languages: Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, German, Korean, and Japanese

Karoshi Edit

Population: 402 Million

Country Count: 14

Unemployed Rate: 6%

Main Languages: Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Mandarin, German, French, Italian, and Arabic

Idia Edit

Population: 532 Million

Country Count: 16

Unemployed Rate: 7%

Main Languages: French, Italian, Spanish, English, Mandarin, Russian, and Arabic

Wars Edit

The most recent war was an independence war, a fight between Kibo and Brezai (now known as Ger). Kibo was aided by Tidhkaar, Palici, and Veila, while Brezai was being aided by Lii (now known as Walx), Zi (now known as Ixx), Vekize, and Hipanex. Brezai won, becoming a fully independent country, and costing Kibo billions of dollars.

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