Basic Info Edit

G is one of the characters in one of the Timelines in Felinetale. He currently lives on a farm in an unknown location.

History Edit

He grew up with Sail and Vanilla and his father Domino. He was physically, verbally and sexually abused by people on the streets. He lived a childhood of terror but he tried to smile his way through it, not telling his sisters or parent about it. He pushed his way through these events and left The City at the age of 16, as soon as he had a way to get out (In this case Domino had given him a truck for his birthday since he would be able to drive.)

After he left he found a small farm far away from The City. He has lived there since.

Later, after a lonely 5 years, he ended up meeting Raspberry when he was in a nearby city (not "The City") while getting coffee. They grew closer to each other and developed a relationship with each other. They are still in a relationship, and have yet to be married (darnit).

On April 16, 2017 Raspberry gave birth to their child, Anna [needs a page]. A conflict had arisen - G and Raz still weren't married.


Trivia Edit

G is actually best friends with Ash, Benjamin and Paradox, some personal characters of Wig/meowmites's.

He is partially based off of Feline G!Sans, as that was what he originally was. Later, his design and backstory changed drastically. His character is still unfinished.

He is addicted to hot chocolate. He has a cup almost every morning!

He is absolutely terrified of the toaster in the kitchen for unknown reasons.

He has a fear of ice and water, as he tried to go ice skating with a few other friends but he tripped and fell, and the friends that were on the ice refused to help and the ice cracked, causing him to nearly drown.