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Xolotl Chalice, (Also referred to as Fell, Underfell!Sans, ect.) is a current resident of the AU Underfell_Feline_1, being the main Under!Fell Universe in Feline!Tale. He lives with his older brother, Saleem, in a two story house located in Snowdin. His first language is Mongolian, but he is fluent in German, English and Arabic without the Mongolian accent overlapping.

History Edit

Xolotl has a very vague past, him and his brother being dropped off in a parking lot after their parents abandoned them. His brother, five years ahead of him, had attempted to find a suitable place to stay. Being in the parking lot of a Inn, Saleem stumbled into the Inn. The Inn-Keeper kept the both of them there and cared for them for a few years.

After Saleem was old enough to work, he signed up for the Royal Guard. He was paid graciously by the King and was soon able to buy a house. He and Xolotl moved in, Saleem being 15 and Xolotl being 10.

Xolotl soon enrolled into high school, wanting an education. There, he met Raspberry (Rosemary Lee Smith), Classic (Tom Borowski), and others. He was in a short romantic relationship with Rosemary, but soon broke up with her for unknown reasons.

He currently still lives with his brother in their home in Snowdin.

Relationships Edit

Xolotl has only had 1 romantic relationship, and that was with Rosemary. They broke up shortly. He has a semi-brother like relationship with Saleem, however they both despise eachother. He never really knew his parents, but didn't trust them as a infant. He has a friendly relationship with Tom, Vlad, G and a few others.

Abilities Edit

Like most Sans AUS in Feline!Tale, Xolotl has the ability to use telekinesis. When doing so, his right eye glows red. He also has the ability to teleport naturally.

Trivia Edit

-Xolotl is actually a God from the Aztec Mythology, the God of twins, monsters, misfortune, sickness, and deformities. Xolotl is often associated with lighting and death.

-Xolotl shares the same birthday as Adolf Hitler

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