Felinetale is an AU of Undertale created by Wig, also known as Wiggy or Wingster.

The original AU's plot is very similar to Undertale's. All of the characters, (Except humans, which are rodents (ex. Chara is a rat and Frisk is a mouse)) are " Felines ", various species of cats.

Code Name Normal Name Species
Toriel Toriel Lion
Asgore Asgore Lion
Asriel Asriel Lion
Sans Sans Lynx
Papyrus Papyrus Lynx
Frisk [Insert Name] Mouse
Chara Chara Rat
Alphys Alphys Domestic Cat
Undyne Undyne Tiger
Mettaton Mettaton Cheetah

The AU Feline!Tale itself is more of a Multi-verse, containing smaller "Sub AUS" inside it (ex. Under!Fell, Under!Swap) however to know is a Sub-AU is in Feline!Tale or not, you are to add an !FT at the end of it.(ex. Under!Fell!FT, or Under!Swap!FT). A Sub-AU can be as small as a tiny town, or as big as an entire Undertale map.