Basic Info Edit

Tom Borowski is a Lynx currently residing in the Sub-AU "Undertale_Feline_1", being the main Undertale Universe in Feline!Tale. He lives with his older brother, Papyrus (Tad Borowski). His first language is English, and he does not speak any other language fluently. He has an American Accent at all times.

History Edit

Tom's life is pretty normal and boring itself. He and his brother were raised by the people of Snowdin, being abandoned children laying on the curb of the streets. Snowdin, being a small town, has just around 100 residents. With such a small community, it was easy to be raised in comfort. As they grew up, they self-taught themselves just around everything. They built their own house, and soon they needed to have jobs. Classic multi-tasked, being a hot-dog vendor and station guard. Tad got into the royal guard, Undyne (Hayden Serigo) being his mentor. As of now, both live happily in Snowdin.

Relationships Edit

Tad - Tom's relationship with Tad is unbreakable. He has a powerful brotherly love, going as far as to killing Frisk over his death.

Hayden - Tom thinks Hayden is hotheaded and arrogant. She normally pushes Tad to the limit, something he does't appreciate strongly.

Abilities Edit

Tom is capable of telekinesis and teleportation naturally. He is able to summon bones and gaster blasters as weapons naturally, too. He has learned how to write with both hands, making him ambidextrous. He is fairly good with spears and swords.

Trivia Edit

-His last name, Borowski, is based off the Night in The Woods Character, Mae Borowski.

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